Research and development

Within the product and system development department, it is crucial to continuously enhance products and systems. The key to progress lies in innovation.

In the majority of cases, our research and development initiatives commence in the field, where we encounter failures or issues in thermal processes. At our production facilities, Insulcons strives to develop new systems or even entirely new approaches at the installation sites.

Practical experience

With a significant number of engineers working in the field every day, we have an invaluable advantage. Their direct experience in real-life scenarios aids us tremendously in problem-solving and finding efficient solutions.

Furthermore, our Inspection team and HOT SPOT REPAIR team plays pivotal roles in contributing knowledge towards the final solution. Their expertise and dedication ensure positive outcomes for an increasing number of customers worldwide.

Innovative solutions

The Insulcon Group is committed to consistently creating new and innovative products. We adapt these offerings to meet the specific requirements of different industries, clients, and projects. Through this approach, we are able to provide tailored solutions to various sectors and continue delivering customer satisfaction.

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