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  • Insulating fire bricks

    The Insulcon Group offers a complete range of insulating firebricks (IFB) for the use in applications up to 1760°C.

    Insulating fire bricks (IFBs) are called soft bricks comparing to hard bricks or Fireclay bricks and they are light in weight. They can be easily cut by handheld hack saw or other hand tools like chisel. Insulating firebricks have high porous rate and have excellent insulating properties,

    Each type is formulated to meet specific thermal and physical requirements and after firing, each type is machined to precise tolerances. Made from high purity refractory clays and other ceramic raw materials, these Insulating firebricks contain carefully graded organic filler, which is burned out during production to give a uniform controlled pore structure.

    The lightweight and high insulating value of our IFB's make possible thinner furnace walls, improves efficiency and lower operating costs. Next to the delivery of standard sizes, we have in-house machining capabilities to provide arches, wedges, etc.

    Do you need advice? Or do you have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us. Due to own production facilities Insulcon is able to deliver custom-made materials and solutions. 

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