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Heating Elements / Heating Units (SiC)

Silicon carbide (siC) heating elements are refractory, non-metallic electrical resistant products in solid rods or tubular form with a temperature range of 600°C-1600°C. When the element is electrically connected, a current passes through the element. Because the hot zone has a higher electrical resistant than the cold ends, the hot zone will generate heat. To heat your furnace with SiC heating elements is in many ways so obvious that the advantages are often overlooked. For example, with electrical heating you will save money, the refractories last longer, there are no flue gasses, your working environment is more pleasant, higher power can be radiated, there are favourably safety aspects, the temperature is more accurate and can be better controlled, etc.

Next to a complete range standard SiC heating elements, we provide MaxiHeat electric heating systems such as:

  • Filter Box Heaters
  • Furnace Heaters
  • Ladle Pre-Heaters
  • Heated Launder Covers
  • Heated Launders

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