Special products

D-Bar® Seals

D-Bar® Seals are specially developed, mastic like, dummy bar seals

The D-Bar® Seals are used in continuous steel casting to...

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Heating Elements / Heating Units (SiC)

Silicon carbide (siC) heating elements are refractory, non-metallic electrical resistant products in solid rods or tubular form...

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HT Composite

HT Composite, is an oxide ceramic matrix composite, composed out of high temperature resistant ceramic endless fibers and...

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Imidesign® hearth liners

One of our success stories is our high quality Imidesign® hearth liners.

A real hit with well-known wood and gas burning...

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The Insulcon Group has a wide range of Insulmicanite® products. Insulmicanite® products are specifically developed for the use...

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Molten metal transport products

Transporting molten non-ferrous metals between furnaces, or using transport ladles especially, is a critical step in the...

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Special Ceramics

We can supply you with a complete package of special refractory ceramic products, which can found in several industries from...

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