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Imidesign® hearth liners

One of our success stories is our high quality Imidesign® hearth liners.

A real hit with well-known wood and gas burning stoves manufactured within Europe. We can offer you solutions for every stove!

Imidesign® P

Imidesign® P hearth liners are being manufactured out of Pumicon®, a high quality vermiculite. Tests have proven the excellent strength compared to alternative brands. For small quantities we offer die-cutted parts and for high volumes we offer pressed parts. Optionally we can offer a RFL (reflective) coating that gives the product more strength and a more sophisticated and modern look.

An Imidesign® hearth liner is one of the Insulcon products, which will contribute to a higher sales of your stoves. It is a refreshing new product in the world of wood burning stoves!

Imidesign® P RFL

In our range of Imidesign®, we have also the Imidesign® P RFL hearth liners. These hearth liners have an extra protective RFL coating, which give these products even more strength due to the protective layer

All our Imidesign® hearth liners are being manufactured in our own production facility in Steenbergen – the Netherlands.

Our in-house Imidesign® production facility is specialized in making custom made various shapes (hearth linings) that fits your unique stove. It is even possible to customise your stove with your business logo and/or slogan. Just discover our possibilities and take contact with us!





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