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Wearflex® Launder Joints

Wearflex® launder joints are flexible, multi-layer seals, used as a flexible launder connection between the tilting furnace and launder system which can withstand temperatures up to 750°C. Traditionally, in the non-ferrous industry, a one-layer seal or a cast-iron furnace spout is used. However, a one-layer seal can be used only a single time because of possible leakage. As a result, units must be taken out of operation, resulting in production losses and direct maintenance and service costs.

Reusable and leakage prevention

One layer seals can be used only once due to possible leakage. On the contrary to this, the Wearflex® flexible launder joints can be used up to 50 casts. This reduces not only maintenance, but also service costs. Due to their flexibility, Wearflex® flexible launders joints are tear resistant. They have a durable construction and are easy to install and to replace.

Insulcon - Wearflex Flexible Launder Joint

Effortless replacements and installation

Steel parts require complex installation and in general it takes most of a day to install the steel elements. Compared to this traditional way Wearflex® flexible launder joints can be installed relatively quickly and can be replaced safely in a brief period of time. The fabric material of launder joints will not absorb the heat, leaving the joints at a relatively low temperature after casting, thus making it more accessible and easier to handle.

Advantages Wearflex® Launder Joints

  • Flexible tailor-made seals
  • Can be used multiple times (up to 50 casts)
  • Prevent leakage
  • Lower maintenance and service costs
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Durable construction
  • Low stick material

Damaged launders

The next step in the process would be to transport the molten aluminium through the next launders. If you experience damaged launders we highly recommend using ProMixSealer®. This is a tacky, putty-like material that adheres very well to the applied surface, because it spreads easily and finish smoothly for faster and better joint construction. 

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