Glass industry

Glass Industry                                                                                              Insulcon for the glass Industry

Our long established experience within the international glass industry has lead to a wide selection of wear resistant products suitable for this industry.                                              

Floating glass

Looking at the production of floating glass with their specific needs on insulation for the melting furnace, the refining furnace, the float bath or even in the annealing and cutting process. You will see that we are able to supply tailor made insulation solutions for this specific area.





Container glass

Also regarding the production of container glass, where typical processes like melting, refining, forming and annealing are important, Insulcon supplies many refractory and sealing materials.










All products have excellent characteristics such as non-wetting properties, erosion resistance, high strength, excellent temperature stability and cost effective. Products such as refractory fibre products, backup lining, burner blocks, our glass bending fabrics, industrial textile products, our separation cloths (Insultherm® RVS textiles), Boron Nitride coatings, in different grades and our SiC Heating Elements are used by several renowned glass manufacturers.

All solutions within the Insulcon Group are tailored to the customer. They will benefit from an efficient production process and a saving on energy, thus a decrease on CO2 emissions and a sustainable production in the glass industry.

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