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Calcium Silicate products - Application Areas

What are calcium silicate products and why use it? 

Our calcium silicate products such as Calcon are designed amongst others as back up insulating lining in a wide variety of refractory constructions. The material is lightweight insulating board with excellent insulation value, high mechanical strength and a good heat resistance. Calcium silicate products are designed to withstand maximum temperatures up to 1100°C.

Next to a range of Calcon products, we can also provide you with high density calcium silicate products (dense calcium silicates). Our dense calcium silicates are known for their high strength and thermal insulation properties. This makes them suitable in particular for highly loaded and load-bearing structural components.

The non-combustible material is available at a lower cost compared to other similar insulation materials of the same temperature. Most of the time the material is used as an outer layer within an application and it is combined with other insulation materials. Thereafter, the material offers electrical insulation, resistant to moisture and chemicals.

What else can we provide and what can we do for you?

It can be delivered either in plates or it can be die-cut into various shapes. Due to own production facilities, the Insulcon Group is able to deliver custom-made materials and solutions for your problem areas. We provide a wide range of high temperature solutions.

Calcium silicate board from Insulcon

Examples of applications 

Insulation for flare headers (Petrochemical)
Insulation for melting furnaces and regenerators (Aluminium)
Insulation for forging and heat treatment furnaces (Steel industry)
Aluminium launders (Aluminium)
Furnace bottom boards

Examples of application areas

  • Kilns;
  • Furnaces (heat treatment, ceramic, induction furnaces);
  • Ovens (domestic and industrial);
  • Stoves;
  • Boilers;
  • Combustion (wall protection);
  • Flare insulation;
  • Insulation for melting furnaces and regenerators;
  • Insulation for forging and heat treatment furnaces;
  • Aluminium launders;
  • Furnace bottom boards;
  • Other high-temperature process equipment.Tailor-made products

Tailor-made products

Insulcon has a modern machine park at its disposal, such as CNC controlled water jet cutting machines, to deliver all your products tailored to your specific application and requirements. Our own engineering department is fully equipped to support you in determining the desired applications, dimensions and designs.


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