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Maintaining and improving reliability

Chemical and petrochemical companies, both onshore and offshore, utilize numerous critical thermal installations. In order to maintain and enhance the reliability, efficiency, and availability of these installations, the Insulcon Group offers a comprehensive range of specialized high temperature resistant products and systems to help you achieve your thermal insulation goals. More efficient energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions, and a safer working environment are integral components of this approach.


Issues such as overheated process pipes, hot spots, and energy loss due to cold air ingress, substantial axial and lateral movements of installations, and significant pressure differentials in processes are often being solved by our specially engineered systems. We provide products, solutions, and systems for various processes, including heaters, furnaces, reformers, crackers, flue gas treatment (FGD, Denox, Desox), flue gas ducting, distillation columns, pipelines, etc. This encompasses high-temperature insulation, hot spot repair, seals, fabric expansion bellows, passive fire protection, and corrosion under insulation prevention.

Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

In addition to thermally insulating critical processes, isolating and protecting installations and/or equipment from the consequences of fire is a crucial theme in the industry. In Europe the "Seveso Directive" is in force. This directive applies to companies working with hazardous substances, which can be toxic, flammable, or explosive.


This means that companies, if they haven't already, must protect their production processes from the potentially far-reaching consequences of fire. Various systems and solutions are available for this purpose. The specialists at Insulcon can provide advice, and where safety, limited installation space, quick access to equipment, supervision of installation, certification, and efficiency play a role, we offer clear and suitable solutions. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our applications, including Aspen Aerogels, Fyrewrap LT blanket, and Fyrewrap LT cable insulation.

Corrosie Under Insulation (CUI)

CUI is any form of corrosion that occurs due to moisture (e.g., infiltrating water or condensation) on the outer surface of the insulated process pipe or equipment. CUI can jeopardize the strength of the pipeline and the efficiency of the insulation. If CUI goes undetected or unaddressed, the consequences can lead to safety incidents through leaks, increased steam demand, process instability, and ultimately even result in unplanned shutdowns of the process or factory. This will bring extremely high maintenance costs and production losses. Insulcon offers various proven solutions. Our specialists advise and provide a suitable solution with our products, such as Aspen Aerogels, tailored and designed for your specific project, to prevent undesired corrosion under your insulation.

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