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Microporous products (Insulboard MPU)

Insulcon's microporous boards - best possible insulation values at temperatures up to 1000°C 

Insulcon's Insulboards are insulating materials based on a microporous core with a very low thermal conductivity, which means it has very high insulation properties. It is based mainly on pyrogenic silica, opacifiers to reduce radiation and fibres as reinforcers.

With the best possible insulation values at temperatures up to 1000°C, Insulboard products are in use in all sectors of industry. It is possible to achieve the best possible thermal insulation with the thinnest possible thickness.

Insulcon Microporous products

Insulcon's Insulboards are succesfully used in the following applications:

  • Heat treatment systems for glass;
  • Measuring equipment;
  • Fire protection;
  • Flue gas exhaust, thermal insulation around tubes;
  • Electronic equipment;
  • Installation parts for the building & construction industry;
  • Thermal kitchen appliances, a.o.

Insulcon Microporous3.png

Next to the standard microporous products, the Insulcon Group has a range of special pyrogel and cryogel products with extreme high insulation values.

Tailor-made products

Insulcon has a modern machine park at its disposal, such as CNC controlled water jet cutting machines, to deliver all your products tailored to your specific application and requirements. Our own engineering department is fully equipped to support you in determining the desired applications, dimensions and designs.

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