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Golden Super® Rope

The Golden Super® Rope is a unique high temperature and mechanical resistant seal. Due to its high density, the Golden Super® Rope can be used in those applications where mechanical resistance is of high importance. Major lines of application are within the Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Industries.


The special impregnation increases the temperature resistance and heat reflection and improves the non-wetting properties for any case of molten metal splashing as well as the gas tightness of the rope. The Golden Super® Rope improves the lifetime of your seal considerably, in comparison with other materials such as silicone or graphite packings. The lifetime of the rope will be extended up to seven times.

Examples of applications areas:

Generally in all cases where a heavy-duty seal is required

Crucible lid joint in the aluminium industry

Furnace door seals

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Chemical properties

The Golden Super® Rope exhibits excellent chemical stability resisting attack from most corrosive

agents. Exceptions are hydrofluoric acids and phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis.



  • Reduces labour costs
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces fibre breakdown
  • No Health & Safety hazards
  • Available in round, square or rectangular shapes
  • Can be made in different material textile
  • Splash resistant for molten aluminium/metal
  • Heat reflective material
  • Temperature resistant up to 1000°C


Rope compositions

20 mm till 120 mm (Special sizes can be produced on request). Available in 1 till 4 layers, coated with Vermiculite.

High temperature textile rope compositions Golden Super Rope

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