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  • Insulmicanite

    The Insulcon Group has a wide range of Insulmicanite® products. Insulmicanite products® are specifically developed for the use as thermal, electrical and even mechanical insulation in induction furnaces. Insulmicanite® products are placed between the coil and the refractories in induction furnaces:

    - They protect the coil from mechanical stresses resulting from the expansion and movement of the crucible

    - They improve electrical insulation during sintering

    - They can be used to adjust the sintering depth and to reduce heat losses from the furnace

    - They reduce the risk of perforation when the crucible wears or cracksThey can be used in the electronic detection of defects in the crucible

    - They facilitate the removal of a worn crucible.

    Insulmicanite® products are available in sheets or on a roll, without a backing or with glass fiber backing on one or both sides, with body soluble fiber to improve thermal insulation and absorb expansion, etc.