Wearflex® Tube Seals and Bellows

In our production facility in Steenbergen (The Netherlands) a wide range of Wearflex® and Refrex® tube seals and bellows are being produced, custom made. By using our long term knowledge of several high temperature resistant fabrics in combination with our in-house engineering and manufacturing units, we are able to manufacture these tube seals and bellows for almost any application.

Examples are Wearflex® concertina's (spring joints), designed to create a seal around guide tubes in the bottom of a furnace and Wearflex® telescopic seals (apllied to install around each reformer tube (at pigtail connection), this on top of the steel roof area).

Also our special Refrex® mono- and multi tube bellows. These bellows are flexible, prefabricated protrusion seals for one or more tube passings. They  are installed between in- and outlets of process tubes and a furnace / reformer roof. 

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