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Wearflex® Telescopic Seals

The main function of Wearflex® Telescopic Seals is to prevent access of cold air ingress inside a radiation area, which is saving high energy costs. Wearflex® telescopic seals are mainly applied into the (petro)chemical industry where catalyst tubes in reformers penetrate the roof. To seal those penetrations, we advice our telescopic seals. These telescopic seals are easy to install around each reformer tube at the pigtail connection and on top of the roof.

Thermal Pipe expansion

Within a reformer temperatures can reach up to 950°C. Those temperatures are causing pipe sections to expand as a result. To seal the pipes to the roof section but still let them be able to move freely without any disruptions, the telescopic seal is a good solution. These seals will keep the pipes insulated while the pipes can still move around in axial patterns (100-350mm).

Every operational process is different, that is why every Wearflex® Telescopic Seal is tailor-made for your specific process. These seals are made out of a combination of alloyed steel parts with half pipe sections, which slide into each other like a telescope, it is made in combination with state-of-the-art insulation blankets and board. The mount of our Wearflex® telescopic seals takes only 5-10 minutes, using a screwdriver and stainless steel jubilee clips.


  • Prevent cold air ingress
  • Can absorb extreme axial movements
  • Decrease heat loss and therefore reduce energy costs
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Temperature resistant up to 900°C

Pigtail mattresses

Together with our Wearflex® telescopic seals we can offer you the Wearflex® insulation cover (pigtail mattresses) to cover the pig tale tubes from the manifold to the catalyst tube. These mattresses are specially designed to insulate the pig tale tubes. They can be installed quickly in comparison to the traditional calcium silicate pipe insulation with aluminium foil and tie-wire. They can be removed quickly as well, for inspection or maintenance of the pigtail tubes.

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