Bricks (high temperature resistant bricks and blocks)

Fire bricks

Fire bricks (Fireclay bricks) are the most widely used refractory bricks because of its great features: low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance; High resistance to thermal shock, abrasion, chemical attack to provide long service life; easy operation and installation; broad usage or applications and low price etc.

Example of applications

Our dense firebricks are used in several applications with extreme mechanical, chemical, or thermal stresses, such as the inside of a wood-fired kiln. Typical applications are among others in the (petro-)chemical industry where they are exposed to very corrosive conditions and high mechanical loads. Insulcon’s high-density fire bricks are also being used in domestic furnaces. These bricks can be delivered in various dimensions. 

Our line of firebricks consists of chamotte, high alumina and silica bricks. Next to the delivery of standard sizes, we have in-house machining capabilities to provide arches, wedges, etc.

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