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  • Fixwool Rigidizer surface treatment agent

    Fixwool Rigidizers are specially developed hardening solutions that are used to protect exposed fibre surfaces against gas velocity or turbulence and also can be used to provide a higher degree of strength and hardness throughout fibrous products.

    Fixwool Rigidizer Coatings, types D15 & D20 have the following outstanding characteristics and advantages:

    - High temperature stability;

    - Very good homogeneity;

    - Excellent thickness uniformity;

    - Easy to apply; 

    - Good shelf life.

    Fixwool Rigidizers can be applied to:

    - Protect fibre linings against corrosion and abrasion;

    - Insulation and protection for metallic surfaces;

    - Hot gas erosion resistant coating in furnaces and ducts;

    - Structural hardening agent for boards.

    Fixwoool Rigidizers are supplied ready to use. They can be sprayed or brushed onto blankets, papers, felts and boards to give an erosion resistant surface. Rigidizers can also be applied using a dipping process, which provides a higher degree of strength and hardness throughout the substrates thickness. Fixwool Rigidizer D20 contains a frost protection component.

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