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  • Imidesign® hearth liners

    One of our success stories is our high quality Imidesign® hearth liners.

    A real hit with well-known wood and gas burning stoves manufactured within Europe. We can offer you solutions for every stove!


    Imidesign® S

    Imidesign® S gives you the opportunity to create a new revolutionary stove concept. The hearth liners are made out of a specially designed mixture, which is based on a fiber free cement and pure minerals. This unique mix provides an excellent combination of technical properties like a good thermal performance, high strength. Temperature resistance up to 1300˚C, a smooth hot-face surface and freedom in design and colors. This product is also certified for use in food applications. The most amazing results can be achieved by integrating our hearth liner with the design of your stove! There are also plenty of possibilities in 3D!


    Imidesign® P

    Imidesign® P hearth liners are being manufactured out of Pumicon®, a high quality vermiculite. Tests have proven the excellent strength compared to alternative brands. For small quantities we offer die-cutted parts and for high volumes we offer pressed parts. Optionally we can offer a RFL (reflective) coating that gives the product more strength and a more sophisticated and modern look.

    An Imidesign® hearth liner is one of the Insulcon products, which will contribute to a higher sales of your stoves. It is a refreshing new product in the world of wood burning stoves!


    Imidesign® P RFL

    In our range of Imidesign®, we have also the Imidesign® P RFL hearth liners. These hearth liners have an extra protective RFL coating, which give these products even more strength due to the protective layer


    All our Imidesign® hearth liners are being manufactured in our own production facility in Steenbergen – the Netherlands.

    Our in-house Imidesign® production facility is specialized in making custom made various shapes (hearth linings) that fits your unique stove. It is even possible to customise your stove with your business logo and/or slogan. Just discover our possibilities and take contact with us!


    Please watch the YouTube video about our Imidesign® hearth liners to get a good visual impression.


    TD Imidesign® S 

    SDS Imidesign® S 


    TD Imidesign® P 

    SDS Imidesign® P 


    TD Insulcoat 1260 RFL