Wearflex® Special Products

Our own production facility 

At our own Wearflex® production facility in Steenbergen (The Netherlands) a complete range of converted high temperature resistant textile products is being manufactured.

Wearflex® special products 

Our Wearflex® special products are always manufactured according to customers’ specification. They are applicable in several industries, such as in the petro(chemical) industry (Wearflex® insulation covers), in the non-ferrous industry (Wearflex® launder joints and launder covers), in waste incineration and power plants (Wearflex® expansion bellows and Wearflex® dynamic seals), etc.

An essential part of our Wearflex® department is the production of Refrex® special products like Refrex® Multi Tube Bellows and Refrex® Heatshields.

Wearflex® Dynamic Seals

Problem definitionAfter a couple of years, rotating kilns tend to lose their roundness. The traditionally used seals (carbon...

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Wearflex® Heatshields

Avoid radiation heatWearflex® heatshields are prefabricated, custom-made flexible heatshields. They are specially designed to...

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Wearflex® HT Gaskets

Max. temperature 1100°C
Wearflex® HT gaskets are used as a seal between for example inspection hatches or in reactors...

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Wearflex® Insulation Covers

The Wearflex® Insulation Covers (WICs) originate from the traditional insulation covers, but it is improved to fit specific...

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Wearflex® Launder Covers

Wearflex® launder covers are low weight, high temperature resistant mattresses, which are specially designed to prevent heat...

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Wearflex® Launder Joints

Wearflex® launder joints are flexible, multi-layer seals, used as a flexible launder connection between the tilting furnace and...

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Wearflex® Tadpoles

Wearflex® tadpoles are prefabricated high temperature resistant seals applicable up to more than 1600°C. They can be used in a...

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